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Electives Program

The LIGHT Electives Program provides an opportunity for LIGHT students to enroll in elective subjects, in addition to their core curriculum classes. The program is designed for elementary students and classes will be divided according to grade level.  Students will have the option to choose two classes per session, one on the first day of school (Monday for M/W students or Tuesday for T/Th students) and the other class on the second day of school.  Students will pack a lunch on school days and eat in their classrooms before transitioning to their elective class.  Classes will be held at LIGHT from 12:30-1:30, September-May.

Enrollment is now open!

Prices vary from $60-$75 per student per class for the session, based on enrollment numbers and supply costs. You can choose to enroll in both classes offered or just pick one. 


Latchkey for Central Community Preschool siblings is available for $40 per session ($75 if staying both days). 

If you choose to enroll in all elective classes, your student will have the opportunity to take 6 subjects total:

Science $75 

ASL (American Sign Language) $60 

History $60

Art $65

Music $60

PE $65

NOTE: These classes could change based on enrollment numbers. The schedule below is tentative. 

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 10.16.31 AM.png

A note from our
Electives Coordinator

After graduating college with a degree in Family Studies/Counseling emphasis, my husband, Mike, & I served together from coast to coast in Children & Youth ministry for over 16 years before settling in Wichita. My greatest joy & purpose has been our 5 children, ages 21 to 11: Anders, Britton, Shaeffer, Levi, and Eden.  In addition to my passion for healing, teaching, & leading, I am a trained doula and have had the great privilege to serve as director for several non-profit and Early Childhood programs. 


While public school was part of our children’s education, homeschool has also been a vital piece of all of their formative years. It gave us flexibility & the capacity to meet each of one in their specific needs & gifting. LIGHT Academy has proven to be a blessing both as a parent educator and in my second year on staff. I LOVE that I was the one-and-only preschool teacher during the year that LIGHT offered a preschool class! I’m now thrilled to continue on staff at LIGHT, developing an Elective Program that will flourish and bring more opportunities for the students of LIGHT Academy to discover & expand their passions. And have a lot of fun along the way!


Most of the time, you will find me with a cup of just-the-right-color-of tan coffee, sweet tea, or Coke in hand. I enjoy a great conversation, pretty things, the best rainy day nap, making and eating good food, peaceful evening walks, hanging out at home watching movies and filling my home with friends and family (which includes 2 cats, Phoebe and Minette, and a beagle named Nala. Life is full — and that's perfect!

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