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Parent Resources

At LIGHT Academy, we partner with you in your child's education.  With limited time in the classroom, our partnership involves the parents homeschooling on non-LIGHT days, with the guidance and pacing of a classroom teacher.  Throughout the school year, we will update this page with resources and links to assist you in your homeschooling adventure. 

LIGHT families must register with the state of Kansas as homeschooled.  For more information (and for links to do so) click here.

Whether you've already enrolled, or you're just interested in LIGHT Academy, please use the links below to evaluate your child's academic level according to the curriculum we use.  Some of these are samples (reading) and some are placement tests (math).  We encourage you to print these off and work through them with your child before enrolling at LIGHT.  New students, without a transcript from a previous school, will be tested based on these tests and standards before officially joining our roster.

Other online resources that can be helpful for extra practice and additional subjects.  Some require membership and/or fees.

We use Read Theory as a school to help monitor reading comprehension and growth.  Read Theory is free for anyone to use, and we will create an account for LIGHT students in 1st grade and older.

Khan Academy 


Beast Academy (math)

ABCMouse (early childhood learning)

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