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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

I'm Katie Eck, the 2nd grade teacher for all 4 days of LIGHT.   My husband, Chad, and I have two awesome boys, a dog, and a cat.

About Me

My resume:

  • August 2021 present: LIGHT Academy head teacher

  • August 2020-present: LIGHT Academy 2nd grade teacher 

  • September 2012-present: West Ridge Community Church women's small group leader

  • May 1998-present: Kansas State Department of Education teaching license current  

  • August 2012-December 2019: Maize School District substitute teacher (K-5 & and at least six, long-term assignments involving grades K, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd)

  • August 1999-May 2003: Maize School District 2nd & 3rd grade teacher

  • August 1998-May 1999: Olathe School District 3rd grade teacher

  • May 1998: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, from Kansas State University


My hobbies:

  • Spending time with Jesus & with the people I love

  • Savoring the beauty that's in the world around me & in the hearts of people

  • Photographing moments I want to remember

  • Taking walks (by myself/with others) or working out

  • Listening/Dancing to music

  • Listening to podcasts & audio books

  • Reading books that are hard to put down

  • Watching TV show reruns & favorite movies

  • Vacationing...especially to the beach!

  • Creating organized spaces

  • Taking a good nap



Subbing had been a sweet spot, for a number of years & in a district I enjoyed/respected. Fall 2019, God began nudging my heart to end my season with subbing. I took the spring 2020 semester off, to pray about what He had for me. Initially, I was weary & heartbroken...because if not teaching, then what? 


On Super Bowl Sunday 2020, a close friend shared about how two moms, from church, hoped to start a school and that she could see how it could be a good fit for me. My heart immediately experienced a spark of hope & joy! I continued praying. A couple Sundays later, Camala approached me at church & asked if I'd consider teaching for this new, little start-up hybrid school: LIGHT Academy. 


I'm grateful for a staff that has a heart for Jesus, kids, families & each other. I adore teaching my small group of students & supporting their families. It's been a story... God's story... of dreams merging & hearts stepping out in faith. 

Parent Packet

Pencil and notepad


I'm a fan of grace-filled communication, whether I'm sharing information, or receiving it.  My goal is to respond as promptly as possible, Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm.

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